Buying a violin

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It is highly recomendable to bring a violinist first time you buy a violin. If you have not learnt how to use the bow, you may hear the differnce in the sound by plucking the string (remember that you should not pluc the violin between the fingerboard and the bridge, since that will grease the bow. You should not teouch the horse tail of the bow either.) and listen to the difference in sound.


  • It is important that the violin is in good shape, with a bridge that is skilfull made.
  • No sprucess in the lining or the deck
  • Fine tuners, that makes tuning easy
  • A shoulder rest that fits you
  • A cheek rest that is not to small
  • The bow should be good. Straight not to week.
  • Hairs that "bite" the strings
  • Light weight bow is better than a heavy bow for beginners.
  • If you are lucky you may find a used violin for 350$
  • First bid to a guy who found an old violin lying around should be 200$
  • You will pay more at a luthiers or a shop, but then you also have a better guarantee of the quality.

Violins mature

If you play well on a violine the tone will grow stronger and better.