Tuning of the violin

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Pure tones

Mouse over

E 660 Hz

A 440 Hz

D 293.33 Hz

G 195.55 Hz


(No Beats)

(No Beats)

E-A string
(No Beats)

Tempered tones

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E 659.26 Hz

A 440 Hz

D 293.66 Hz

G 196 Hz


A-D-string tempered
(1.3 beats per second)

D-G-string tempered
(2 beats per second)

E-A string tempered
(0.8 beats per second)

Use this to run the notes interrupted



About using a tuner

You may use a tuner if you are starting violin. You will soon realize that a tuner being able to tune the violin tempered only, is not ideal. You should be able to tune the violin better than that! Also it is impractical to use a tuner if you are out in noisy environments, where the tuner does not work. As a reference the tuner can be very useful however.




How to tune

Start with A-string then he D-string the G-string and finally the E-string. Lift the bow and listen for the beat in the note. The beat will be explained later.